If you’re interested in accentuating your eyes and want to save time on your beauty routine, eyebrow and lash tinting are wonderful solutions for you to consider. This will save you a ton of time every morning, and you won’t have to rely on brow pencils or mascara any longer.

A lot of us spend a ton of time applying multiple coats of mascara to get the lash colour we want but lash tinting will eliminate this step because your lashes will be thick and beautiful, and your eyes will pop. Brow tinting will prevent you from spending so much time drawing hairs into each of your eyebrows, and your morning routine will be a breeze. You can wake up with the perfect brows and eyelashes every day, and they will be the perfect shade because you’ll get to choose the precise colour you want. No more heavy makeup or sitting in front of a mirror for long periods of time because tinting will help you look and feel your best.

In addition to having more time on your hands, you’ll also love your appearance because tinting really enhances the eyes. You will be very happy with the results and will feel more confident as a result. Eyebrow and lash tinting must be done by trained and professional individuals who know what they are doing, as this will provide you with peace of mind, and you’ll know the process is safe, which is important as it’s so close to the eyes. A special dye will be applied to your lashes with a disposable mascara wand and will set for a few minutes before the aesthetician wipes it off. The dye used for brows is slightly stronger and will need to set for a little longer.

The results of these procedures can last for up to three months, and there are things you can do to enjoy the results for as long as possible. Avoid using alpha hydroxy exfoliants and glycolic acid cleaners because these can strip out the colour more quickly. If you wear contacts, remove them before your appointment and wait until the following day to put them back in. These tips will allow you to get the most from your treatment, and if you find that you want more texture for your lashes, you can use mascara as applying this product over the tint will create more drama.

The experts at Velvet Beauty Bar can help you achieve the perfect brows and lashes. A lash lift and tint will make a world of difference, and you will get to show off the beauty of your eyes. If you want to save time while accentuating your eyes, we can help, so if you’d like information, contact us today!