If you are thinking about starting your own business in the beauty industry, we highly recommend you add microdermabrasion to your list of services. This minimally invasive skin procedure helps people improve the appearance of their face by removing or minimizing wrinkles, sun damage, acne, scarring and more.

Before you can perform microdermabrasion, you must become certified. At the Velvet Beauty Academy, we offer a medically approved microdermabrasion course that provides one on one training with one of our professional staff members.

In this course, you learn about the three types of microdermabrasion and how to properly use the equipment for each style so that you can confidently provide this service to your clients!

Microdermabrasion Course

Here is what you receive when you sign up for the microdermabrasion training course:

  • Training manual
  • Consent forms
  • Access to training videos that you can view at any time
  • Official Microdermabrasion certification
  • Practical hands-on training

*Microdermabrasion machine available for purchase in our SHOP*