Unlock the Art of Microneedling at Velvet Beauty Academy!

Microneedling has emerged as a leading procedure in the beauty industry, offering transformative solutions for managing acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and the common signs of aging. Elevate your skill set and expand your service offerings by enrolling in our high-quality and extensive Microneedling Training at Velvet Beauty Academy.

Why Choose Our Microneedling Training?

  • Comprehensive Education: Dive into the theory behind microneedling, master the usage of a microneedle pen, and understand its application across various skin conditions.
  • Proper Techniques for Excellence: Learn the art of microneedling with in-depth insights into the proper techniques ensuring effective and unparalleled results.
  • Professional 1:1 Instruction: Enjoy the advantage of personalized training with a professional instructor. Gain hands-on experience and build confidence in handling new medical devices.

Benefits of Microneedling Training at Velvet Beauty Academy:

  • Diversify Your Services: Unleash the potential of your business by adding microneedling to your repertoire and tapping into new revenue streams.
  • Microneedling Kit: Receive a comprehensive microneedling kit to kickstart your practice with top-notch tools.
  • Extensive Resources: Access both physical and digital training manuals, ensuring you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.
  • On-Demand Training Videos: Learn at your own pace with access to training videos that you can view anytime, anywhere.(ONLINE COURSE only) 
  • Client Waiver Templates: Streamline your client onboarding process with professionally crafted waiver templates.
  • Official Certification: Validate your expertise with an official microneedling certification from Velvet Beauty Academy.

Choose Your Learning Path: Online or In-Person! 

  • Online Convenience: Learn from the comfort of your home with our online training platform, offering flexibility and accessibility. Master the art of microneedling with flexibility that suits your lifestyle.
  • In-Person Experience: Immerse yourself in hands-on training with our professional instructor at our in-person sessions.

Transform your career, enhance your expertise, and elevate your business! Sign up for the Velvet Beauty Academy Microneedling Training today and embark on a journey of mastery in the art of microneedling.

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