Revitalize Skin with Precision: Enroll in Our Dermaplaning Course!

Unveil the art of dermaplaning and become a certified expert in skin refinement with our comprehensive Dermaplaning Course. At Velvet Beauty Academy, we empower you to enhance your clients’ skin texture and radiance through industry-approved and high-quality training.

Why Choose Our Dermaplaning Course?

  • In-Depth Education: Explore the intricacies of dermaplaning, delving into the principles behind this precision technique and mastering the art of skin exfoliation.
  • Hands-On Training: Acquire practical skills through hands-on sessions, ensuring you are proficient in delivering precise and effective dermaplaning treatments.
  • Cutting-Edge Techniques: Stay at the forefront of dermaplaning with insights into the latest techniques and tools, ensuring your services are state-of-the-art.

Benefits of Dermaplaning Training at Velvet Beauty Academy:

  • Diversify Your Services: Elevate your business by adding dermaplaning to your skill set, offering clients a refined and glowing complexion.
  • Professional Kit: Receive a comprehensive dermaplaning kit, featuring the latest tools and technologies for optimal results.
  • Guidance from Experts: Learn from seasoned professionals who share industry insights and practical tips to excel in the art of dermaplaning.
  • Client Consultation Strategies: Master effective client consultations, understanding their unique skin needs, and providing tailored dermaplaning solutions.
  • Certification of Expertise: Upon completion, receive an official certification from Velvet Beauty Academy, validating your proficiency in dermaplaning.

Transform Skin, Transform Lives:

  • Online or In-Person Learning: Choose your preferred learning mode—online for flexibility or in-person for hands-on experience.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Work at your own pace with flexible scheduling options, ensuring you seamlessly integrate learning into your busy schedule.

Embark on a journey to refine and rejuvenate skin. Enroll in the Velvet Beauty Academy Dermaplaning Course and let your expertise illuminate the path to radiant, smooth, and revitalized complexions!

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Dermaplaning is a technique that allows you to remove dead skin cells and reduce fine lines from anywhere on the body. When dermaplaning a face, you can also remove vellus hairs simply and gently.

Before you can add this service to your business, you need to be trained and certified to perform dermaplaning safely and confidently. At Velvet Beauty Bar, we provide a dermaplaning training course where you learn how to properly perform this non-surgical procedure.

After successfully completing this course, you become certified and are able to add this service to your business, opening a new way to add to your revenue!

Dermaplaning Course

Here is what you receive when you sign up for the dermaplaning training course:

  • Starter kit (scalpel and 100 blades – enough for 100 clients!)
  • Training manual
  • Consent forms
  • Access to training videos that you can view at any time
  • Official dermaplaning certification
  • Practical hands-on training