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Dermaplaning is a technique that allows you to remove dead skin cells and reduce fine lines from anywhere on the body. When dermaplaning a face, you can also remove vellus hairs simply and gently.

Before you can add this service to your business, you need to be trained and certified to perform dermaplaning safely and confidently. At Velvet Beauty Bar, we provide a dermaplaning training course where you learn how to properly perform this non-surgical procedure.

After successfully completing this course, you become certified and are able to add this service to your business, opening a new way to add to your revenue!

Dermaplaning Course

Here is what you receive when you sign up for the dermaplaning training course:

  • Starter kit (scalpel and 100 blades – enough for 100 clients!)
  • Training manual
  • Consent forms
  • Access to training videos that you can view at any time
  • Official dermaplaning certification
  • Practical hands-on training