If you’re looking for a facial that provides you with exceptional results, OxyGeneo treatments are the answer, and Velvet Beauty Bar can help! This particular facial consists of a unique treatment that goes beyond microdermabrasion by adding deep facial rejuvenation through the use of revitalizing nutrients, which promotes skin oxygenation. This one treatment can help plump and hydrate your skin while increasing collagen to restore your skin’s youthful glow. Its superior anti-ageing abilities is what makes OxyGeneo facials so popular, and because it is suitable for all skin types, more and more people are turning to this treatment.


We are often asked about OxyGeneo facial treatments, and the following are the most FAQs:

Is There Downtime Involved?

There is no downtime after an OxyGeneo treatment, so you should be able to return to your daily routine right away. The only thing that is recommended is the use of sunscreen following the facial to help the skin from pigmentation.

How Long Does A Treatment Take?

Appointments are generally 30 minutes in length.

Is It Painful?

OxyGeneo facials are known to be both refreshing and comfortable. Patients with sensitive skin may feel a slight abrasive sensation during their treatment but the process is not painful.

What Kind Of Results Do I See?

After just one OxyGeneo facial, your face immediately feels smoother, and you notice an improvement in your skin tone as well. Additionally, the texture of your skin sees an improvement, and you also notice the reduced appearance of fine lines.

Whether you have sensitive skin, scarred skin or pigmentation, this facial treatment can help because it has been tested and is suitable for all skin types and is highly effective. It exfoliates, infuses and oxygenates your skin to provide you with a more youthful appearance. This facial can increase collagen, hydrate your skin, restore your youthful glow and reduce hyperpigmentation, so if you are interested in any one of these changes and want results, contact us today!

If you need more information regarding skin tightening treatments or have additional questions, we are more than happy to help, so if you are in Brampton, give us a call today!

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