If you want your eyes to pop, eyelash extensions are a great idea you can consider, and this will help enlarge your eyes to enhance your appearance. If this is an idea you are interested in, there are a few things you need to know, including the right diameter you should use.

Eyelash extensions come in many different diameters, and the one you choose will depend on various aspects, including the technique you want and the look you wish to achieve. There are many different diameters you can choose from, so you can explore this variety to find the one you’re most comfortable with. Diameters will range from thin to thick, and each diameter you use for volume can either look natural or dramatic, and this will depend on the number of lashes you place into each fan.

  • When creating mega volume fans, .03 is ideal, and because these are so thin, you will need quite a few of them to create a noticeable fan. Using 6-15 eyelashes per fan is recommended when using this diameter, though these are usually the hardest to work with, and it’s not recommended if you are starting volume.
  • .05 is considered the perfect in-between diameter, and you can use up to 8 eyelashes per fan, while .06 and .07 are the most commonly used diameters, and you can use up to 6 eyelashes per fan.
  • .10 is the thickest width you can use for volume but do not use more than three of these on a single, natural lash.

Classic lashes will allow you to create a more natural or dramatic look based on your preference, and the thicker your eyelash extension, the more dramatic your appearance will be. Classic lash diameters would allow you to apply just one eyelash extension to one natural lash, and the following will help you create your desired look:

  • .12 can be used on baby lashes that appear in your natural lash line and can also be used to create a natural, classic look.
  • .15 is considered the perfect starter diameter for a first-timer, while .18 is for anyone who wants something a little more than the starter diameter.
  • .20 is the thickest extension that is usually offered, and this will provide you with a very bold appearance. You need to have strong, natural lashes for this extension to be applied; otherwise, this diameter will be too heavy and may cause damage.

Mixing diameters with one another is also a possibility, and you can blend classic and volume to create your ideal set of lashes. You can also mix different diameters within each category to create more texture so you will have options, and the experts at Velvet Beauty Bar will provide you with a professional recommendation. We will provide you with the perfect lashes, so if you are interested in extensions, contact us today!