Microneedling is an excellent skin procedure that works to help cure acne scars and to get your perfect glowing skin. It’s a great way to avoid having surgeries or even getting other procedures that would require healing for long days or weeks. No one has the time or money to spend on surgeries and other procedures that can take months to recover from. Microneedling has its own benefits, and it definitely reduces the time from healing; you will have clear skin within no time. This procedure is great for improving collagen production, this is the stuff that helps clean out your pores and allows you to have glowing skin.

Adequate collagen makes our pores less noticeable, wrinkles and lines less deep and it is great for making skin tighter and having its texture become smoother. Most people stop producing collagen in their mid-20s, which is why microneedling procedures are meant to keep it going in order to give you better quality skin. Taking oral supplements will never be enough to keep your collagen-producing going, but microneedling can help with that. Platelet-rich plasma is taken from your blood, and these tablets have growth factors that stimulate collagen production.

Acne scarring, stretch mark and surgical scars can be treated with microneedling procedures, the needles break the old scar strands to tether down the surface of the skin. You will have to expect at least four to six sessions a month apart to see improvement in your skin’s condition. You don’t want to always expect that one treatment will fix your skin’s condition. Pollution and dirt will always be reducing the amounts of collagen that you produce, this is why you need three to four sessions per year to have dramatic results.

Microneedling is something that you need to try if you have bad skin or you just have acne scars that won’t go away. Microneedling works like no other skin product or item and will help you have glowing skin in no time. If you are looking for velvet salons, eyelash extensions, eyebrow tinting or body contouring, contact Velvet Beauty Bar.