Eyelash extensions will brighten up your eyes, and following the right aftercare instructions will help your lashes last longer. If a massage is part of your regular routine, you do not have to give up on this treatment because the right steps will help you protect your eyelash extensions, and you will not have to worry about ruining them.

Make Sure Nothing Touches Your Lashes

It is important that you avoid any rubbing, pulling or pressure on your lashes during your massage, and when you are lying face down, your head should rest directly in the face cradle so that your lash extensions do not touch anything. If the massage bed does not have a face cradle, try resting your head on the back of your hands or on a towel to prevent pressure and friction on your extensions.

Position Your Head and Face Properly

Laying face first on a massage bed will ruin your eyelash extensions, so you will have to position your head properly. Lash extensions are applied individually lash by lash through a medical adhesive, and lying face down would place the weight of your head on your eyelashes, which can result in them being pulled from their original position. This type of pressure can also accelerate the shedding of your lashes and will negatively impact the curl of the extensions, so laying face first should always be avoided.

Adjust the Headrest

Most massage beds will have an adjustable lever that would allow you to change the position of the face cradle, which is a device that is attached to the headpiece of the massage bed to allow clients to rest their head. The weight of your head must be distributed evenly and comfortably across your forehead, and the side of your head, and you need to be able to open and close your eyes freely without the lashes touching the fabric. To do this, you will have to adjust the face cradle, and if one is not present, you can create one with a towel. Choose a towel that is large enough to stretch around your face and head and roll it so that you can gently tie the towel around your face. Most of the weight of your head should lay on your forehead against the towel, and you should be able to open and close your eyes without having to put pressure on them.

Massage will help you unwind and relax, and both your mind and body will feel better as a result of this treatment, so you don’t have to stop your sessions if you have eyelash extensions. All you have to do is take a few precautions so that you don’t damage your lashes, and avoiding pressure and friction are a must as this will help you maintain your lashes for a longer period of time.

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