Looking to get eyelash extensions in Brampton? These semi-permanent extensions are a great way to enhance your natural features. Lash extensions can be worn in the water without falling out, can cut down your morning makeup time, and don’t damage the natural lash. Depending on the type of eyes you have, different extension styles can enhance your eye appearance! Here are the different types of lash styles and how they can enhance your particular set of eyes.

Different Styles Of Lashes

There are a bunch of different lash styles. Each style is slightly different and provides a different appearance for each client.

Cat Eye

Just like eyeliner or eyeshadow, cat eyelash styles start small in the inner corner and get wider as the eye moves out. This look is achieved by attaching shorter lashes closer to the inner corner and they get longer as they move towards the outer corner of the lid.

Baby Doll Eye

If you want to have your eyes appear larger and more open, the baby doll style is for you. Length carries throughout with the longest lashes in the centre of the lid.

Open Eye

Long lashes are applied in the centre of the lash line and get smaller on either side gradually. Both sides get smaller at the same rate.

Natural Eye

Natural eyelash extensions mix varying lengths all across the lash line. There is no real pattern that is followed. Instead, your lash technician will follow the natural pattern in your personal lash length.

Along With Arrangement, The Frequency Of Lashes Makes A Difference As Well!


Classics are a great way to enhance your lashes in the most natural way. This type of lash set is the most natural because it is a single extension attached to individual natural lashes. Classic sets add length but typically do not increase the lash fullness.

Mixed Volumes/Hybrids

Mixed volumes are also called hybrid sets because they are a hybrid between classic sets and full volume sets. They are a way to add a natural looking fullness to your set of natural lashes, while maintaining a little bit of drama.


Volume sets do just that, add volume. Each individual extension is made up of more than one individual lash, but is still applied to one natural lash. This style is perfect for anyone looking for a dramatic increase in both lash length and frequency.

Different Eye Shapes And Their Best Suited Style


Almond eyes can be enhanced with the open-eye style. This can make your eyes look bigger, as well as enhance your natural eye colour!


Cat eyelash style will perfectly enhance and lengthen your round eyes. Because your eyes are already fairly open, you can focus on elongating them. Pro tip, go with the mixed volume set for some extra drama!


The open eyelash extension style is perfect for hooded eyes. With volume concentrated in the centre of the lid, the eyes will appear larger and fuller.


If the outer corners of your eye are turned down, turn them up with longer lashes at the end from the cat eye style.


Baby doll lash style can add length in all sections of the lash line. Your specific eye shape could also do pretty well with the cat eye style as well.


Since your eyes already turn up at the corners, you can concentrate on fullness and length. We recommend the natural lash style but either mixed volume or full volume to increase lash frequency.

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