Fat reduction procedures are becoming more and more popular because they are effective if done for the right reasons. These types of procedures will get rid of stubborn fat, but it is a must that you understand that this is not an alternative to weight loss, and these procedures do not replace the importance of a healthy diet and exercise.

Fat reduction procedures are not a shortcut to weight loss, so if you are looking to lose a lot of weight without putting in any effort, this is not the answer. Surgical procedures like liposuction, for example, are not meant for extreme weight loss, and this is a very dangerous misconception. There is a very big difference between weight loss and fat reduction, so before you consider body contouring procedures, you have to first understand this concept.

Body contouring procedures remove or destroy fat cells in certain areas of your body. They target stubborn bulges of fat that exercise or dieting cannot get rid of, and this process is what sculpts your body. While you will look thinner after the procedure, it’s not because you lost weight, but because you lost fat cells. There are only so many fat cells that can safely be removed from your body, so contouring procedures are not meant for extreme weight loss and are ideal for those who need a little bit of help to reach their ideal weight. It is perfect for patients who are close to their target weight as the results of the body contouring technique will be greatly improved. Remember that while you will lose a certain amount of weight as a result of the body contouring procedure, its purpose is to shape areas of your body and not weight loss.

Liposuction and CoolSculpting are two of the most popular body contouring procedures that are available. With liposuction, an incision is made in the body, and selected fat cells are removed. While this procedure has proven to be very safe, it does have a few health risks and a lengthy recovery period is involved. CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells and destroys them without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. Once the fat cells are damaged, your body will reabsorb them in a few weeks’ time, and this will leave you with permanent fat reduction. This is a non-invasive procedure that does not require a lot of downtime and is both effective and convenient.

Body contouring procedures will make a difference if you are a suitable candidate, although it should not be viewed as a replacement or an alternative to weight loss. A healthy diet, proper nutrition and exercise are all necessary to maintain your newly sculpted body because even though certain fat cells will be removed, you will still be able to gain weight elsewhere.

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